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Daniel Symons (a.k.a. Dymons) started his musical career singing and drumming at a very early age, playing on his Mum’s pots and pans! In his late teens his love for drum beats, combined with his thirst for adventure, landed him on a train to West Africa and Burkina Faso where he traded his own drum kit for the local version – djembes. His quest for alternative life styles, cultures, and music since then has taken him over the five continents. Daniel Symons has spent over eight years on the road, traveling and gaining considerable musical experience, playing many different instruments and assembling a large soundbank, traveling as he did with a digital tape recorder on him at all times.

His personal philosophy that “there’s much more to reality than we can see” led him to explore different states of consciousness with shamans and medicine men from many different parts of the world. He has since gone on to help others experience such states and cure themselves by musically accompanying healing ceremonies and rituals such as firewalks, trance dances, and sweatlodges. It also led him to spend a lot of time in nature, where much of his creative inspiration is drawn from.

He has now settled down in Switzerland to write and produce his music, which he mostly releases on his own record label Elestial Records. He has also however appeared on over 30 different album releases throughout his career, in addition to his involvement in two bands – writing, recording, mixing and performing with The Peaking Goddess Collective, whose debut release in 2007 was the album “Organika” which came out on Peak Records and also as a part of Cosmosophy whose debut album “Organic Space Age” was released in 2009.

His first solo album “Druids Brew” is a potion made of the many influences he was blessed with throughout his traveling through space, time and beyond and features guests from all around the globe. Daniel Symons’ latest creation is the soundtrack to Amrit – Nectar of Immortality. The film is a documentary about the Kumbh Mela, a sacred Hindu pilgrimage to the banks of the river Ganges. It is the largest human gathering in the world. Elestial Records released an album of the soundtrack in 2013.

2015 will see album releases as a solo artist under the names Crystal Monkey (an uplifting psychedelic trance project) and The Light Shifter (a progressive trance piece). Throughout his career Daniel Symons has played and written music with artists from all over the world and has performed over a thousand live gigs in more than forty different countries, sharing the stage with most of the biggest names in progressive, psytrance and chill out music.

Some of the festivals and organisations include the Boom Festival(PT), Glade(UK), Universo Paralello(BR), O.Z.O.R.A(HU), Groove Attack(IL), Doof(IL), Hadra(FR), Outback Eclipse Festival(AU), Soulclipse(TR), Zoom(CH), Timegate(CH), Tribe of Frog(UK),TranceKarma(PT), Rainbow Serpent(AU), Quest for Goa(PT), The Synergy Project(UK), I.D.Spiral(UK), Turaya(UK), Exodus(AU), Morocco 2001(MA), Mystery of Eleusis(CH), Psyberpunk(CH), Temple of Light(CH), MicroCosm – Alex Greys Museum(USA), Paleo Festival(CH), Biolive(CH), FrakaSound(CH), Life Festival(IE), Wickerman(UK), Waveform(UK), Geoparadise(PA), Synops Effect(RU), Ometeotl(MX), Kupury(MX), Chillout Planet(RU) Mundo de Oz(BR) and many more.



  • The Peaking Goddess Collective (instrumental psychedelic trance & chill out)
  • United Tribes Cedric “Congo” Myton & Friends (reggae)
  • Novelty Engine – Psyrie Vibes (psychedelic trance/dub)
  • Cosmosophy (electro acoustic world fusion)

• Dymons (world, dub, electronica, reggae, psychedelic trance, progressive trance)

• Dymons Amrit (Elestial Records) 2013 · Switzerland
• Cosmosophy Organic Space Age (Elestial Records) 2009 · Switzerland
• The Peaking Goddess Collective Organika (Peak Records) 2007 – Switzerland
• Dymons Druids Brew (Elestial Records) 2007 – Switzerland
• Panamachintruc – Gaspard & Dymons 2016 (Digital Distortion Records) – India
• West Gate – Dymons (Ma Yan Chan Soundtrack) 2016 – Switzerland
• The Robot – Dymons Ethnomusicology (Phantasm) 2015 – UK
• Eon – Crystal Monkey The Forest Never Sleeps (Forestdelic) 2014 – Slovenia
• The Space Cat – Crystal Monkey Misterika – Tree Of The Life Pt. 1 (Space Babys) 2012 – Ukraine
• Light Ages – Gaïanima (Dymons Remix) Dub Dimensions (Ajnavision Records) 2011 – Portugal
• Projection – Crystal Monkey Gaiascension (Moonloop Records) 2011 – Switzerland
• Analyser – Dymons & Flooting Grooves The Crew & Pirates Revolution (World People) 2011 – France
• Uni – Dymons feat. Shanandor Indigenous S.O.S. Benefit Project (Random Records) 2010 – Spain
• Space Jester – Ajja & Dymons Kazem (Syncronize Records) 2010 – Ireland
• Space Craft – Dymons Wonk#out (WONK#AY Records) 2009 – UK
• Guembri Groove – The Peaking Goddess Collective
• Nova Chill – Ajja & Dymons
• Through – Ajja & Dymons Boom Festival – We Are One Good (Mood Records) 2008 – Portugal
• Freakblaster – Dragons (aka Crystal Monkey) Freaks Blast Trance (Karma Records) 2008 – Portugal
• Transethnia – Cosmosophy Frakasound: The Last Garden (Moonloop Records) 2008 – Switzerland
• Fruits Of Eden – Dymons Plantation (Mindwaves Music) 2008 – Germany
• Lullabye Bye – Cosmosophy Epeakurean (Peak Records) 2008 – Switzerland
• Hyperspace – The Peaking Goddess Collective Goa Beach Vol. 7 (Yellow Sunshine Explosion) 2007 – UK
• The Emerald Tablets – Dymons Waveform Transmissions Vol. One (Waveform Records) 2007 – US
• Intro Magic – Flooting Grooves & Dymons Healing Lights (Synergetic Records) 2007 – Austria
• Mbirations – Flooting Grooves feat. Daniel Symons Upsyde Downe (Peak Records) 2007 – Switzerland
• Whatwasthat – Flooting Grooves & Dymons Peakopath (Peak Records) 2006 – Switzerland
• One Step – Dymons Kukan’s Dub Journey Freeze (Magazine) 2006 – Greece
• Quanta – Tripswitch feat. Tanina & The Peaking Goddess Collective
• Desert Fractals – Flooting Grooves feat. Dymons
• Purple – The Peaking Goddess Collective
• The Emerald Tablets – Dymons Chillogram (Peak Records) 2005 – Switzerland
• The Human Experiment – The Peaking Goddess Collective feat Alex Grey
• Cosmic Waves – Dymons feat. Cintia Hokus Peakus (Peak Records) 2005 – Switzerland
• Arcadia – The Peaking Goddess Collective Utopeak (Peak Records) 2005 – Switzerland
• You Are One – The Peaking Goddess Collective feat. Alex Grey
• Eagle Forest – Dymons Chilling Goddess (Peak Records) 2005 – Switzerland
• FlowMotion – Master Margherita & Pearce feat Dymons (Peak Records) 2004 – Switzerland
• Jezebel – The Peaking Goddess Collective
• Maelstrom – The Peaking Goddess Collective Peak-A-Boo (Peak Records) 2004 – Switzerland
• The Fool – The Peaking Goddess Collective
• The Universe – Ajja Dymons & Master Margherita Peaking Goddess (Peak Records) 2003 – Switzerland