DJ Astronom

  • Origin
    Marburg, Germany
  • Genres
    Psychedelic Trance

DJ Astronom is Jens Seibel from Marburg Germany. A fulltime trancehead with a lot of passion for everything concerning psychedelic music. He started DJ-ing in 1999 and earned a lot of respect and reputation at various gigs. So far he played at many parties like Antaris- and Full Moon – Festival in Northern Germany and in other countries such as Switzerland the Summers Ends Festival, Morocco, Austria, Hungary, Sweden and Netherlands. Jens loves to play fresh and powerfull night music sound that is clearly defined and structured, a bit acherontic but melodic though, mystic but also frisky and first and foremost propulsive as well as intelligent morning music with soul…

He organized nearly 100 parties with space for everything in the last 12 years. He now concentrates on producing his own tracks with his friend Henning. So they put their passions together and make a freaky liveact named Constructor.