Frosty Fennic

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    Psychedelic Trance

Yugito discovered another avenue for his unique production style when he founded the Frosty Fennic project in early 2013. He has already been playing music for more than ten years under his other freeform-psytrance-goa projects. Of these, the most familiar to most will be Oikeusjyvä, which kicked up dust on dancefloors around the world, taking a special place in the Suomisound scene.

With the creation of Frosty Fennic, he continues the journey with the most danceable rhythms and psychedelic atmosphere imaginable. This combination of smooth harmonic full-on and twisted Freeform elements will push you to your limits on the dancefloor. Despite this project’s short history, Frosty Fennic already has two EP releases on Ovnimoon Records and is proudly part of Sangoma Records’ international live acts. He will be releasing more and more music going forward, so keep your eyes and ears open for the latest